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Cash for Appliances


First it was "Cash for Clunkers," now it's "Cash for Appliances."

Federal help is available for those of you thinking about buying energy efficient appliances.

Three-hundred million dollars in stimulus money is going to state-run rebate programs.

The goal of the government rebate program is to spur us to purchase new ones that are more energy efficient. A move that could have consumers and business owners seeing green.

"We feel it will generate alot of business for us," said Josh Caskey, the General Manager of Kollman Appliance.

But, Caskey is still waiting for the program to take effect. The "Cash for Appliances Program" was supposed to get underway by the end of 2009, but in Iowa and South Dakota, it's been delayed until March, and for Nebraska, it's been pushed back to April.

"Some customers are holding off on their appliance purchases, to wait for the program," said Caskey.

So, as customer's wait, Caskey waits for more details. The rules are different for each state, because they get to decide how the federal money is spent. All three Siouxland states will offer rebates on new energy efficient refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. But Iowa and South Dakota also has money for new window air conditioners. Depending on where you live and what you buy, you could get anywhere from one-hundred to three-hundred dollars back. But, there is still the question of when customers will see the money.

"They have not told us any time frame yet," said Caskey.

The sales staff at Karl's in Sioux City say energy efficient appliances may cost more up front, but save money in the long run, since they use less detergent, water, and energy.

But there are some consumer complaints, like the washing machines not getting dirt out of extremely soiled clothes and ultimately, it may just come down to the bottom line.

Are people willing to pay more up front to save down the road?

Some businesses say, it may be a wash.

Reporter: Jyl Sobolewski

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