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New guidelines could change Sioux City's look


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Sioux City is always working to recruit new businesses. Now, the city is working towards new guidelines that would not only improve the look of potential employers, but the city as a whole.

Sioux City Design Works has been spending the last couple of years coming up with a look that's uniquely Sioux City. Design Works wants the standards to hold up in every neighborhood, from downtown to the Stockyards to Morningside.

Officials say the goal of the design guidelines is to make Sioux City a more walkable and bikeable community. It would affect the aesthetic look of everything from parks and trails to streets and architecture.

"The average resident will notice a more pleasant pedestrian environment as they walk to and from their place of work, their house, their school, et cetera. They will also be able to see in advance what is expected of commercial property around them," says Sioux City Design Works principal Rebecca Leonard.

The plan also hopes to help attract more business, and make sure the business' look fit the neighborhood's aesthetics.

While the initial cost to comply with the city's standards could be a little greater, in the long run, one developer says it will help in negotiations between the city and business.

"It's going to speed it up, so everyone involved knows what's expected and they can design for that from the very beginning and really take it through the city process faster," says developer Kyle Kelly.

Right now, the design guidelines are only recommendations. However, within the next several months, the city will likely start the process of turning these recommendations into amendments for city codes. After that, businesses would be required by law to follow the city's wishes.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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