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Some school students take a trip with their imagination

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Some Sioux City elementary school students took a trip Monday with their imagination.






Sheila Arnold, a storyteller, told stories and got kindergarten through second graders at Nodland Elementary involved in dancing and singing.

She says research has proven storytelling is the number one way to get kids involved in literacy and wanting to read later on.

Arnold says through storytelling, kids remember facts and information and don't even realize they are learning.


"Stories require time and they require a person to listen and a person to share and that means you have to be there for that. I think that we can share a wonderful lessons for how we should act towards each other or how we should help one another," said Sheila Arnold, Storyteller.

She also wants parents to get involved in telling stories to their kids.


She recommends starting with Aesop's Fables.


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