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South Sioux City purchases infrared camera

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KTIV) - With a tough winter here in Siouxland, South Sioux City has a new device they say will help save them look for cold and hot spots.

The city teamed up with Utter Precision Incorporated to learn about the new infrared camera they just purchased.

The seven thousand dollar camera will assist city building inspectors with their job.

"A picture's worth a thousand words, with an infrared camera you're able to see the energy that you're losing, in essence, you're able to see the money your losing," says OJ Utter, President of Utter Precision Inc.

An infrared camera has the ability to measure the temperature changes within a building, which, in turn, provides an efficient way for inspectors to see what city building repairs need to be made in order to save energy.

Kent Zimmerman, with South Sioux City Inspection and Zoning says, "If we have a roof leak or missing insulation, we'll be able to address those specifically rather than hitting a number of areas when it's actually only one area that's a problem".

The city says they'll use the camera to inspect their own buildings, but hope to eventually give property owners the option to call on the city for thermal energy inspections.

City personal will receive more formal training in the weeks to come.

Reporter: Jyl Sobolewski

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