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Third roommate testifies in Manivanh murder trial


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Prosecutors have already said that Sinh Manivanh shot and killed his roommate, last summer. Now, corroborating evidence from another of Manivanh's roommates.

Two Sioux City police officials started the second day of testimony in the Sinh Manivanh second degree murder trial. First up, a crime scene technician went through four dozen photos taken at 815 8th Street, on November 17th -- the day of the fatal shooting.

The pictures showed everything from beer cans scattered around the lower level apartment, to empty shell casings, a rifle, and what prosecutors are calling Manivanh's confession note. The photos also showed blood splattered throughout the kitchen, where Phomma Vanhthong was shot in the face, the neck, the abdomen and the hip.

Yesterday, jurors heard from one of the police officers who initially responded to the scene, and today we heard from his partner, who acted as an interpreter. Officer Eddie Thiphasouk says Manivanh confessed to him that he'd shot his roommate after an argument.

Jurors also heard from Manivanh and Vanhthong's roommate, who Manivanh called from the police station.

"He talked to me about, don't listen to him, because I was so angry. He said he killed Phomma," said roommate Pao Xiong.

Xiong served in the armed forces with Vanhthong, and says he was trained with guns. That will likely come to be important because, on Tuesday, the defense said Manivanh was intimidated by Vonhthong because of his extensive training in weaponry.

Manivanh's lawyers say he acknowledges killing his roommate, but say it was in self-defense. The prosecution has several more witnesses lined up for Thursday and the judge expects the defense to start making its case sometime after noon.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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