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Congressman King speaks to Sioux City students

SIOUIX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Congressman Steve King stopped in Sioux City Thursday.

The Iowa republican spoke to about 300 eighth graders at West Middle School.

He told them a little about himself, and his path to the Capitol, then answered some questions the kids had.

King hopes these students will be inspired to step up to public service and be good citizens.

"This is the age when they're old enough to understand and yet they aren't jaded by a lot of years of adulthood," said Congressman King, (R) Iowa.

The kids do understand quite a bit.

One girl wore a raccoon hat after King was criticized for shooting a raccoon at his Kiron home last week and posting it on Twitter.

"When a raccoon is scratching and clawing and chewing it's way into my house, you have to draw the line there. You don't experiment to see if it is rabid, does it have distemper," said King.

King says he hopes his actions send a message to others to have confidence to take care of their own problems, don't always look to government to solve everything... he finished with saying he has no regrets.

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