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Sioux City students inspired to help Haitians


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- The images coming in from earthquake-ravaged Haiti are hard to take, and one group of Sioux City kids wanted to help out.

Fifth graders at Riverside Elementary went around to other classrooms collecting cash and sending letters home to parents asking them to help. In all, they raised more than $1,400. Friday, the money was given to Siouxland Red Cross.

Students say they're lucky to live in the United States and wanted to pass on some of our prosperity.

Michael Oropeza says, "They're the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere so they're really poor and then this happened so they have nothing left."

Haley Felix says, "It's really bad there and it just makes us feel really good to be helping them."

After presenting the check, fifth graders read poems they wrote about Haiti's struggle.

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