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Sioux City leaders look to the heavens for help, as the community prepares for John Morrell's closure

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Sioux City officials are looking to a higher power, to help the community cope with the impending job loss at John Morrell.    

Mayor Mike Hobart has sent a letter to area churches asking them to pray for those affected by the meat packing plant's planned closure next month.

Hobart calls Sioux City a "spiritual" community, and believes prayer together with other response efforts will help the town weather the storm.

"Churches are the backbone of our community, and it's where everybody obviously turns to for spiritual strength.  So, we wanted to send this letter out to the pastors, and ask for assistance, and prayer, and guidance," said Hobart.

 Meanwhile, a private meeting with company officials, and state and local leaders has been set up for workers at the John Morrell plant.  That meeting is Wednesday.

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