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Four Fun Facts about Bridget Breen

  • I have seen Titanic in the theater 14 times (no I'm not disturbed and yes I did know how the movie would end, but I loved the effects and needed to give a fair assessment come Oscar time!) My brother and I have an Oscar ritual, what we like and what we think will win.
  • Another sick thing, to some, about me is I LOVE to shop the day after Thanksgiving!  I have multiple newspapers because I have a rule that no one can touch my ads! I start looking at them with coffee in the morning, break for lunch and once everyone's tryptophan has kicked in, my mom and I take the ads and come up with our game plan! I appreciate a Thanksgiving dinner, but I may actually salivate more on a really good deal.
  • I lettered in football!  I was the videographer for my high school football team.
  • I've seen Celine Dion in concert three times and weep with joy because I love her so much.
  • My brother took me and some friend to the opening of Oprah's movie, "Beloved" and when we were leaving the theater I bumped right in to Oprah and told her how fabulous she was in the movie.  She thanked me and shook my hand, I turned to my brother and said 'I love Chicago and I can't wash my hand, wow!' I did of course, but what a memory.
  • I've had the great opportunity of interviewing Tom Brokaw for the release of his book, The Greatest Generation.  He too, is genuine, personable and was kind enough to take a picture with Matt and me.
  • I love wine and extra dark chocolate truffles.
  • I met my handsome husband at work! He was a reporter and I was the evening producer at the time.  I hooked him when we first met.  He said, "Hi, I'm Matt Breen." And I replied, "You're in my chair."
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