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Rising Des Moines River causing concern in Estherville, IA


ESTHERVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) -- Rising rivers are causing concerns all across Siouxland. One community keeping an eye on the water is Estherville, Iowa.

Right now, the west fork of the Des Moines River is above ten feet in Estherville and still rising. So far, the river's crept into Riverside Park. It's an area that's used to what comes with the spring thaw, but with all of this year's snow and ice, local officials say the concern is greater.

"There's 1,300 square miles that drain into the Des Moines River basin that pass through Estherville so we're anticipating a lot more ice to come through," says Emmet Co. Emergency Management Coordinator Terry Reekers.

Reekers expects the river to crest at 14 feet, by Friday.

Ice jams have been a problem with backing up the water. Luckily Tuesday, a large jam south of town broke up, helping waters recede around the park.

In an area that's used to flooding, officials are getting ready to alert folks in low-lying areas.

"At 12 feet, we'll start going door to door. We'll have to make sure they're aware that there are probably going to be some water issues for them," Reekers said.

The homes most under the gun are in the Valley Drive area, which is just south of the park. Reekers says about 15-20 homes in that neighborhood could be evacuated. And with the river predicted to go even higher in the next few days, Reekers says it's likely when, and not if they'll be sent out of their homes.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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