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Siouxland business aims to revolutionize food processing


NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD (KTIV) -- A European company looking to change the way food processors do business has expanded to Siouxland. InMoTx now calls North Sioux City, South Dakota, its North American headquarters.

InMoTx plans to replace manpower with machinery. Jobs in the food processing industry can often be menial, or as the company says, better suited for robots.

"We've already engaged in doing the most basic, simple repetitive motion jobs that humans should not do and machines are meant to do," says InMoTx founder Preben Hjornet.

InMoTx aims to revolutionize food processing in the United States, with a vision-guided robot, which can be modified to move almost anything.

"The handling, the ability to handle those kinds of pieces is of great interest to the fresh protein industry," says company president and CEO Bob Spears.

The machine speeds up the process, but in an area which relies heavily on jobs in food processing, is this technology good for Siouxland?

Siouxland Chamber President Debi Durham says, "First of all, technology is good for companies."

Durham says technology like this may reduce the number of employees on the ground floor, but it opens the door to better job opportunities.

"What you're going to need if you increase productivity, you need more workers, but you need workers of a higher skill level, which is higher pay," Durham said.

With slim profit margins in the food industry, Durham says companies are looking at all options to stay competitive. She says having this kind of company in a region with so many food processors means Siouxland could be on the cutting edge of a lasting industry trend.

"I look at any time you can advance manufacturing or food processing with the use of technology, overall it lifts an economy, it brings higher paying jobs and that's good. It's a creator of wealth," Durham said.

Right now, InMoTx employs a couple of people and is looking to hire a couple more. It manufactures the robots in Denmark, but the company hopes to begin a manufacturing operation here once they have the demand.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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