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Culture is explored in Sioux City


Bringing a bit of flavor to your weekend, the annual Multicultural Fair was held in Sioux City today.

About 800 people were entertained with food and dance at the Longlines Family Recreation Center.

Local groups representing cultures from around the globe dressed the part to educate and inspire.

The event is a one day gathering put on by the Sioux City Human Rights Commission.

The Commission says an event like this is important as we continue to see a more diverse population grow in Sioux City.

Art Fiugroa, Human Rights Commission said, "It has increased, especially over the last five or ten years, with different nationalities coming into Sioux City where twenty years ago, that wasn't the case."

The event is also a chance for the Human Rights Commission to inform people about opportunities and issues in the community.

Reporter: Jyl Sobolewski

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