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What do you think? Your comments on the Health Care Bill


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We'll use your comments in our newscasts today, as we bring you the latest news from Washington, D.C.

"I am not sure what to think. I believe that most Americans, including Congress do not understand hardly any of the 2700 or so pages of the bill. This bill is a smuch Republican as Democrat considering who made the amendments. I find it disappointing that we were only fed bits and pieces of information and not a nationally broadcast primer on the bill a long time ago.I can only hope that this a beginning of competition in the insurance industry.I try to be as informed as possible and as such am a member of our county Central Committee. But I felt lost during this process." - Mike Diercks, Storm Lake, Iowa

"Glad It passed. Wish Steve King would keep his opinions to himself. He needs to get out of politics. He is a digrace to Iowans." - Kathleen Kiepe, Ute, Iowa

"Another example of the Democratic controlled Congress giving us something the majority of us don't want. The idea that health care is going to be free is laughable. Once again they are catering to the lowest common denominator, those who want free health care, but are unwilling to pay for it.I've never known of any service that is "free", there is always a price to pay. In this case they just took away more of our rights. It is a sad day for America indeed." - Steve Neville, Odebolt, Iowa

"I will benefit from the health care bill and I am glad that it passed. I have been appalled at the behavior of polititians and of people that are relying on misinformation. I have felt that reporting on radio, TV and newspapers has often been sensationalized and negative, misleading.
I have a chronic health condition and although I pay for my health insurance, I can not afford the care my Dr. says I should have. I can not choose another health insurance because of my "pre-existing condition. My whole family suffers for this.
Furthermore, I think that not caring for the health of all is not only immoral, but short-sighted." - Anonymous, Spencer, Iowa

"I think it's great. And if it's so bad, why did the stocks for the health care industry soar on the first day after passage of the bill?" - Roger Caudron, Sioux City, Iowa

"This is one of the WORST things that can be done for this country. It is a democracy not a socialistic union. If people didn't vote in the last elections, then they have no right or reason to complain. The few that work should not have to pay for the ones that don't want to. I decide personally to not have health insurance and instead put a amount I would spend on a premium and save it for when something could happen. I should not have to pay for everyone's health care if they also are not going to save and illegal immigrants or aliens don't deserve ANY benefits from insurance, preferencial treatment on grants, furthered education, or anything else. Our forefathers came here and did it the right way and so should anyone else. Our military is always looking for training, how about putting them on our borders and when people try to enter illegally then let the military take target practice and let them lay like rats. Maybe the rest will get the hint. Any others that do make it in and still want to stay here illegally, then there is NO court trial, equal rights, etc., just a free bus ride to the border after being fingerprinted and cataloged so as to know they DON'T belong here and to stay out. If they truly want to be here then they need to do it the LEGAL way." - Kevin Miller, Lawton, Iowa

"Rep. King brought the behavior of Joe Wilson to new shocking levels and should apologize, especially to my child watching the newscast with me! The Republicans engaged in gross behaviors from racial epithets to mockery involving the efigal slapping of a woman. This is behavior I would not even expect of a child, much less a leader! I am alarmed that these are the people in charge of legislating in this country!" - Maggie Simonsen, Norfolk, Neb.

"It's about time. We are paying over $1000.00 a month. I feel the only ones that opposed this bill have someone else paying for their insurance." - Mary Pinkelman, Hartington, Neb.

"they will regret this come voting day! many unborn lives will be lost and you and I will have to pay for their murder! I wouldn't want to stand before God if I were them." - Christina Goemaat, Sioux Center, Iowa

"I think it is a great beginning. The only real losers are the lobyist for the insurance companies. The whole health system should see benefits from it, although its only the beganing,it will probably get messsed up from people fighting it." - Dan Thrailkill, Winnebago, Neb.

"How can anyone know what the truth or facts are about the health care bill when Democrates say it means this or that and then the Republicans say the Dems are lying, that it really will mean something else for the American people. When the politicians can't even agree on what it really means, How could we ever be expected to know." - Evelyn Dyck, Hawarden, Iowa

"i have not read the bill my premium is do to go up over 70 dollars a month with taxes and other things rising how am i to provide for myself much less my family i belong in a pool i hope i dont drown i cannot afford to be stuck paying for those who dont have insurance lets make it equal for everyone" - Chris Waterman, Hawarden, Iowa

"I think it's a bad idea. Health care needs to be reformed but in a measured, common-sense approach. This bill will do more harm than good." Angela Himes, Sioux City, Iowa

"McCain, Hillaryand Obama all had healthcare reform as a large part of their platform, which the majority of voters supported. NOW, it''s some kind of horrible government plot? I don't get that." - Maureen Haley, Sioux City, Iowa

"its about time once everyone realizes how this bill will help them or family members it will be better, my premiums went up evry year i had employees denied because of pre existing conditions when we changed carriers republican members of congress are upset about it but once there con stituants realize the true facts of this bill if they dont support it thats going to be there loss" - James Jackson, Ruthven, Iowa


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