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New group moves into Dickinson Co. mental health facility


SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KTIV) -- More than a month after Dickinson County cleared about two dozen residents out of its Oak Haven mental health facility, a new group has moved in.

The Seasons Center, based out of Spencer, Iowa came to county officials, reporting a mold problem. The county vacated those residents, but in order to keep the center's operating license, a small amount of people would have to live there.

That's when Le Mars-based Pride Group, came to an agreement with the county to move in a few of its residents. County officials say the residents have been cleared by their doctors to live at Oak Haven, while the county investigates the possible mold. The county says, right now it's a temporary solution.

"If it comes to a point where we either decide it can't be remodeled or it's too costly to remedy those things, then the Board of Supervisors will make a decision about whether it's even efficient to keep the facility open," says Assistant Dickinson County Attorney Lonnie Saunders.

About thirty full- and part-time Seasons Center employees lost their jobs with the change, and its residents are now spread throughout the state. The Seasons Center says, while Oak Haven was its only residential facility, it still has a presence in Dickinson County.

"Just because Oak Haven is gone away, we still have people that need services and that's what our primary focus over the last couple of weeks is, is really just trying to serve them," says Seasons Center Executive Director Kim Scorza.

Scorza says Seasons Center believes the county breached the contract, which was set to expire July 1. On Friday, the center's board will meet to discuss how to recoup financial loss incurred during the transition.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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