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Sioux City tries to solve pigeon problem

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Not too many people keep them as pets, but there sure are an awful lot of pigeons around town. It's a problem that some say the city needs to 'shoot' away.

One pet control operator says common methods to get rid of the birds are ineffective. Monday night, he asked the City Council to permit the use of air rifles to get rid of the birds in certain areas of the city.

Spencer Claussen of Plunkett's Pest Control, says the birds are particularly attracted to the city's food processing plants in the community and can be seen picking up feed along the rail lines.

"There are food processing facilities in town that have pretty strict guidelines on their food safety, and one of them is rodents, pigeons, pests. Pigeons are starting to pose a real concern with a lot of these industries," Claussen said.

The current ordinance would have to be changed before the city could issue a gun permit.

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