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Councilman says Sioux City should not be in golf business

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- This warmer weather has golfers anxious to take their first swing of the season.

Two city-owned courses -- Green Valley and Floyd -- are rated some of the most quality-affordable in the nation.

Right now, a non-profit organization leases the land and uses revenues to pay the city back plus 6% interest. The city also lends the group money to purchase equipment.

But, councilman John Fitch thinks the city shouldn't be in the golf business. Fitch says there are private parties interested in renting the course and running it, and Sioux City should consider the idea.

"We don't have any magic bullets here that make the cheapest golf in the country, and it is that is somewhat subsidized by people that don't play golf," Fitch said.

The head of the Green Valley group says the relationship with the city is a cooperative effort to provide local golfers a low-cost option.

"If this is something that the city council has no interest in financing this way. If they don't want to take our six percent I'm sure the bank will," said Mike Nesbit of Green Valley Golf Association.

The city has similar cooperative agreements with Gill Hauling and Animal Control for equipment purchases.

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