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Family remembers kids killed in fire


NORFOLK, Neb. (KTIV) -- Though the fire is out, the grieving continues for two Norfolk, Nebraska children. Sierra Littrel-Ellenberger and Devynne Seale died in the early-morning fire that destroyed their home, on Tuesday.

The ashes have stopped smoldering at 302 East Kaneb Road. Now family wanders the remains, collecting pieces of the home that burned Tuesday morning, taking the lives of 10-year-old Sierra Littrel-Ellenberger and eight-year-old Devynne Seale.

"Dev was my little Spiderman, he wasn't afraid of anything and Sierra, they were a team," says Britney Ernesti, Aunt.

The aunt of the children, Britney Ernesti, stands with her grandfather in front of what is now a memorial for Devynne and Sierra. What was a piece of fence has now become a tribute to the two children, bringing back memories from the past.

"One time Sierra came home from school and she was crying because the kids were making fun of her because she was so smart, Dev snuck out one day and went to the school and kind of told the kid don't be messing with my big sister," says Britney.

People have been bringing gifts to the memorial all day like these toy cats or this wooden cross, their from people who want to show that Devynne and Sierra are gone but not forgotten.

Britney says the hardest part for the family now is telling Devynne and Sierra's younger siblings, Jasmine and Skyler, why their big brother and sister are no longer around.

"Yesterday in the car me and Sky and Jasmine were talking and she asks me, 'Brit am I ever going to see my brother and sister again?' What do you say? 'Sorry honey you're not gonna?,'" says Britney.

Britney and the rest of the family will keep the pictures and gifts the children close, but they will keep their memories of them even closer.

Funeral services for the children will be held Saturday morning, at 10:30, at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Norfolk. Visitation will be Friday, from 4pm to 8pm, at Home for Funerals in Norfolk.

Funds have been set up to help the family. You can make donations of money or personal items at Elk Horn Valley Bank. They're located at 1010 Omaha Avenue in Norfolk. You can also contact Our Savior Lutheran Church. They're at 2500 West Norfolk Avenue in Norfolk.

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