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Business on the agenda at WITCC

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- About 200 business owners, entrepreneurs and students were treated to a morning meal with discussions about trade and market trends on the side.

It's part of "Business for Breakfast." It's an event put on by the Sioux City Economic Development Department. There were lectures and discussions on topics like globalization, international trading and marketing.

The keynote speaker says he understands the realities of trade in today's market.

Tom Faranda says, "The real purpose of today is to understand that the global world is the future of all business. Everything is intertwined. It doesn't matter that if you design it in America and that you do the work in India and then you do the manufacturing in China. It's a global product."

Faranda says focus should be put on economic development in order to create jobs and infrastructure.

The day also featured the Western Iowa Tech Summit on International Trade. Organizers set up the event to help local businesses see the importance of understanding the future of business in Siouxland.

Trade summit organizer Martin Reimer says, "We really want to give the perspective of what is happening economically in the world today and how those trends are going to affect Siouxland businesses."

Reimer encourages local business leaders to participate in the global economy because of the large impact it will have on our area in coming years.

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