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Hyperion opponents want air permit thrown out

NEAR ELK POINT, SD (KTIV) -- At a time when many Siouxlanders need a job, one proposed project has promised 1,800.

The proposed Hyperion oil refinery in Union County, South Dakota is a $10 billion project that's come with plenty of controversy. Last year, the Hyperion project was granted an air permit, clearing a big hurdle in getting it started.

On Thursday, "Save Union County," the group opposing Hyperion, says it's going to court, in hopes of having that air permit overturned. Save Union County alleges Hyperion and the state of South Dakota failed to follow legal standards in issuing the permit, and that the application was incomplete and inaccurate.

The group also says by using Sioux Falls meteorological data, the state gathered inaccurate information. Another major point, Ed Cable of Save Union County says -- the project needs an environmental impact study completed from a third party.

Cable says at this point, he doubts the project will ever be completed.

"If they were certain the project was going to move forward, they would be procuring the land and starting construction -- none of which they're doing," Cable said.

Along with Save Union County, the Sierra Club is also appealing the permit.

Hyperion representative Eric Williams said in a written statement: "We continue to work every day toward bringing thousands of construction jobs, 1,800 permanent jobs and additional tax revenues to the region -- all created by the most environmentally sensitive refinery in the country."

Hyperion says the project is still moving forward, even though at this point, opponents say it has just one of twelve needed permits.

Save Union County and the Sierra Club bring their case to Hughes County Court in Pierre, on June 23, to try and bring that permit number down to "zero."

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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