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Educators try to keep close eye on bullying


IDA GROVE, Iowa (KTIV) -- Schools big and small are battling bullying in their hallways. So do teachers and administrators handle it differently in rural communities?

Odebolt-Arthur-Battle Creek-Ida Grove Superintendent Dani Trimble says her school has had its fair share of bullying incidents in recent weeks. One case involved threatening messages, even lewd pictures.

Trimble says it's something she takes seriously as both a parent and educator.

"I would have to say that it does touch everyone and we have to be careful in small towns not to think that we are immune. I am raising children in these small towns and I am trying to be diligent," says Trimble.

Trimble says the district has a strict policy for bullying. She says it's important that incidents are reported and investigated before any action is taken.

Trimble says the district is trying to prevent bullying by creating awareness, targeting the act, not necessarily individual kids. She says bullying, whether through words or actions, is often used as a form of retaliation.

"One child might be the bully, the next child might be the bully the next day and it flips back and fourth they are in a process of growing up and they don't always make good choices," says Trimble.

Trimble says technology is making it easier for kids to bully one another. She says bullying through text messages is a big concern in her district.

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