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Neb. drivers can renew license online

UNDATED (KTIV) -- Nebraska started mailing its drivers licenses last summer, but just a couple days ago, officials revealed another new innovation.

Some Nebraskans looking to renew their license or get a duplicate can do so without even leaving home. You can simply log on to a website and fill out information, within a week, a new license should be in your mailbox.

It's available to people between 21 and 65 years old, who haven't had their license revoked.

Nebraskans will still have to take a new picture every tens years, but are now able to skip the photo every other cycle.

Nebraska DMV Director Beverly Neth says, "It's very easy to use and people are getting through it very quickly, and very thankful they don't have to drive to the nearest DMV."

The program does have several restrictions, though. For example, CDL renewals are exempt. Also, people who have changed their address, or last name will still have to go into the DMV for verification.

Check out the website, by clicking here.

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