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Students plan to pay rising cost of college


KINGSLEY, Iowa (KTIV) - Considering college? Start saving.

In the last five years, basic tuition has jumped for the average public college and university student in all three Siouxland states

The state of South Dakota sported the largest increase of the three states. In the 2005-2006 academic year, the state's average college student paid $5,178 dollars in tuition. Students now pay $7,076 for annual tuition. That's about what students at Iowa's public college's and universities pay, right now. They pay $7,141 dollars as an average tuition. That's up about 15-hundred dollars from five years ago at a total of $5,616 dollars. Nebraska comes in third at about a $1,000 dollar increase, bringing tuition up from $4,436 in five years ago to $5,475 in the 2009/2010 fiscal year.

Three students three different plans for the future. Jess Herbold who wants to go into medicine. Bauer, oral hygiene, and Rachel Colfak, education. Each will attend different Siouxland colleges next year, but they all face the same hurdle... tuition. "I mean it definitely effects kids like us who are living in smaller schools and need to have the money," says Kingsley-Pierson senior Jess Herbold.

Herbold has just been accepted into Iowa for pre-med. He has got a little bit of help coming from his parents, but the rest of his tuition he is going to pay himself. "It's nerve racking at first but you have got to realize you are growing up and do it," says Herbold.

Future dental hygienist Bauer is attending USD. She says she's got her parents and student loans behind her for tuition but, finances were the driving factor in her college choice. "When I get out of college I am going to have to pay for it, and besides moving out and living on my own it's going to be difficult," says Kingsley-Pierson senior Denae Bauer.

Kingsley native, and aspiring kindergarten teacher, Colfak has got the same situation, money coming from parents and loans. She is going to Dordt College in Sioux Center and says paying for private schools is worrying her mom. "I think she is kind of nervous about it but I mean private colleges seem to go up all the time but I mean there is nothing I can really do about it," says Colfak.

And there is a little bit more money that could be coming to all three students. In two weeks Kingsley-Pierson will hand out scholarships. "I'm hoping to get 2000 some where around their that would help," says Herbold. "I am hoping to get some more but I know other people need it too," says Bauer.

Right now money is the least of these students' worries though. They are thinking about friends, family and a hometown that they will be leaving behind.

Kingsley Pierson High School seniors graduate Sunday May 16th.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders 

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