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Speakers talk about nuclear disarmament

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Two weeks ago the United States and Russia signed the Strategic Arms Reduction or START treaty to reduce the nations' stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

The two nation's also agreed to the comprehensive test ban treaty.

At the Sioux City Noon Lions Club, the Siouxland Peace Coalition hosted two speakers, who talked about treaty and nuclear disarmament.

They urge people to contact their senators and to tell them to vote "yes" for the "START" treaty so it will be ratified by the senate.

"So we can continue down the road of reductions of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear weapons in order to enhance the security of the United States," said COL Richard Klass, Speaker.

Colonel Klass says the hearings for the treaty will be held this summer in Washington D.C. and the senate will vote on it just in time for the November general elections.

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