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Many pennies for children's health



Ever wondered how many pennies it would take to raise 20 thousand dollars?

Well, about 900 buckets worth.

This morning, thousands of pennies were being counted as part of the month long Miracle Pennies Campaign.

The program collected pennies from 35 local schools and donates them to the Children's Miracle Network for pediatric care at Saint Luke's Regional Medical Center.

This year the group hopes to raise about twenty-thousand dollars.

Counters say they're looking for pennies but sometimes get a little bit more or a little bit less.

"It's pretty common to find pocket lint cars arcade coins GI joes, that kind of thing, every once in a while you find a 100 dollar bill so you just have to keep your eyes peeled," says Children's Miracle Network Coordinator Megan Meyer.

Organizers say last year they collected one ton of pennies.

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