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Paving the way to progress


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- "I am always interested in projects that will add to economic growth and development and this will certainly do that," says US Senator Tom Harkin.

A quicker connection for northsiders, a bridge to more business.

35 million dollars and decades in the making, the Outer Drive Extension, considered one of Sioux City's largest infrastructure projects, was officially dedicated today.

It took six years to build and million of dollars in federal funds.

At over one thousand feet long, the bridge contains 35-hundred cubic yards of concrete and 400 tons of structural steel.

And surrounding this road, 750 acres of useable land, property that Sioux City leaders hope to see developed.

The road's been open since January and the city says it's already one of the best opportunities for growth.

The bridge connects Outer Drive to Highway 75 a corridor for commercial, industrial and residential development.

"It took a lot of time a lot of effort from a lot of people but it's going to pay a lot of benefits for Sioux City for many years to come," says Marty Dougherty, Sioux City Economic Development.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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