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Boy released from hospital after collision with truck


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Today's a day the family of a boy hit by a truck has been waiting for.

Eight-year-old Gage Zortman was seriously injured when after running into a truck on his bicycle. His injuries were so serious, that he was in a coma for three days. Just nine days later, Gage has been released and is ready to recover.

Gage's parents say he was actually lucky to crack his skull, which gave room for his brain to swell, and avoid further damage.

Gage says he couldn't have made such a swift recovery without his faith in God and parents by his side.

"My mom helped me eat and drink and my dad gave me love," Gage said.

"Everybody in our community, I can't even show enough gratitude. If I said 'thank you' everyday, it would never be enough," says his mother, Misti Zortman.

Misti says her son has a lot of physical therapy ahead of him, which she says can all be done here in Sioux City.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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