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Boy shows strength after twice battling cancer


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- A Sioux City boy gets a huge honor and a trip of a lifetime.

12 year old Andres Yescas has been named Children's Miracle Network's Iowa Champion.

Yescas was diagnosed with cancer when he was eight.

But, after being in remission for a short time, his cancer came back.

Now that he's in remission again, he can go to Washington D.C. with other Children's Miracle Network kids to meet with President Obama.

To help him get ready for the trip, officials with Sam's Club and Wal-Mart gave Yescas a 500 dollar gift certificate.

"The children's Miracle Network is just a great opportunity to touch the lives of children in Siouxland... Andres is just one example of thousands that have been impacted by contributions and the work put in by everybody in the Siouxland community," says Matt Romkey, from the Children's Miracle Network.

After meeting the President, Yescas will fly to Disney World in Orlando for a little fun in the sun.

A third of Andreas' life has been spent battling Cancer.

At his young age he's been through more challenges than many of us will face in a lifetime.

To look at Andres Yescas you'd never guess what he has experienced in his short life.

"I never realized how big of a deal it was," says Andres Yescas.

Andres is 12 and in remission now, but only four years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Not once, but twice.

"I just didn't know what was happening and I kind of got a grasp of it... but I never really let it get to me," says Andres Yescas.

In 2006 just after Andres had just been diagnosed, he was undergoing chemotherapy... he had cancer in his leg...and had surgery to remove it.

Two years later he got cancer again, in his lungs.

"Please not again... I don't know if we can all do this again," says Tammy Yescas, Andreas' mother.

Andres was ten at the time but he took the treatment like an adult, fighting cancer was just an everyday chore for him.

"Sit down and have an IV in your arm get vitals every ten minutes and then just lay in bed and take a nap," says Andres.

He looks back now and says it was his family that got him through.

"My mom my dad and can be strong if people can help you," says Andres.

"I feel incredibly blessed I have two excellent kids and with all thanks and praise to god they are both doing very well right," says Andreas' Mom Tammy Yescas.

Andres has finished treatment from his second bout with the disease, and is now going in for screenings to prevent a relapse.

 But the most important thing is, he now has time to be a kid again.

Andres and his family say they can't thank St. Lukes and Children's Miracle Network enough for their support.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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