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After 85 years Civil War veteran gets recognition


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- He served his country for a time and now his name will be remembered for all time.

Veteran Daniel Houser fought in the Civil War 145 years ago. He was a corporal in Iowa's seventh Cavalry, but when he died in 1925 no headstone was placed on his grave his service for the Union was forgotten.

"There just wasn't money for a lot of extra things and at that time they just couldn't afford to buy a stone," says Evelyn Beckmann.

But after finding Houser's obituary in an old newspaper clipping from the 1900s. His great granddaughter wanted to change that.

"Anyone who has served their country is entitled to a veteran's Headstone," says Beckmann.

Houser's family contacted "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War" a group that specializes in giving forgotten soldiers the memory they deserve.

"The government will pay for that stone, if we have missed somebody we have that sense of duty and responsibility that they got the honor that was due to them," says Norm Webes of the sons of Union Veterans of the civil War.

I don't know when I have felt so overwhelmed by the fact that these people have got him a stone and they have came out here and honored him it's just amazing to me," says Beckmann.

Houser's new grave marker now sits among those of other veterans and in celebration the troops are marching, the guns are firing...

All to remember a soldier that was almost forgotten.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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