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Bid for new water treatment plant tops $27-million

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) It will cost millions, but possibly expand Sioux City's borders.

Monday, the Sioux City City Council will vote to approve a contract for a new water treatment plant.

The project has potential to expand the city's industrial and commercial boundaries... but at what cost?

It's being called the South Bridge Regional Water Treatment Plant.

The cost to build... more than $27-million dollars.

The project calls for the plant to be placed on land south of the Sioux Gateway Airport, and serve the Southbridge Industrial Park.

Right now, the city is digging a water well in that area.

So, rather than pumping the water 15-miles across town to treat it, the city wants to put the plant right next door.

The city says this is a much more cost-effective move.

They hope the plant will bring more industry to the area, but also act as a fail safe in an emergency.

"Essentially a redundant plant that if our main facility goes off line we would still be able to produce water in the area," says Public Works Director Chris Payer.

The low bidder for the contract is Foley Construction of Kansas City.

The company contracted to renovate the city's wastewater treatment plant.

When initially proposed, that project was bid at 40 million dollars in 2006.

Right now, the city has invested more than 70 million.

Still, after looking at bids from three different companies, the city says Foley was the cheapest.

"We had some deducts... some potential eliminate items and if you want to eliminate them this is how much you will save, to take all of the deducts puts Foley at the lowest bidder," says Payer.

If approved Monday the city says the project will take about a month and a half to begin construction.

One city council member told NewsChannel Four that might not happen, because the council has a lot of questions about the contract.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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