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OU will file federal lawsuit against Woodbury County Wednesday

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - A local agency, which treats people with traumatic brain injuries, will follow through on a threat to sue Woodbury County.

Lawyers for Opportunities Unlimited will file a federal suit tomorrow morning to find out why it's no longer allowed to accept county residents for treatment.

It started back in January 2009 when Opportunities Unlimited was removed from Woodbury County's "Preferred Provider" list.

That's a list that allows them to take in new patients from Woodbury County.

In July of 2009 OU tried to contact the county to find out why they were removed, but their calls were never returned.

About a month ago, OU threatened legal action telling county supervisors to provide a reason for their removal by 5 O' clock today.

Woodbury County attorney P.J. Jennings didn't provide that.

Now, the county will face a lawsuit, which OU attorneys will file in federal court tomorrow morning.

County attorney P.J. Jennings says the county is "extremely disappointed" O-U has chosen to pursue legal action alleging discrimination against the facility.

"Woodbury county does not discriminate against any of our residents in the area of providing mental health services, Woodbury county values the role Opportunities Unlimited has in the community," says Woodbury County Attorney P.J. Jennings.

OU attorney Anthony Osborn says the facility is looking for three things in the suit:

A declaratory judgement saying it's the county's responsibility to send qualified individuals to OU.

Also, O-U's reinstatement to the "preferred provider" list.

And, a monetary amount for damages.

The county says they can't comment on the case any further...

And, hasn't offered an explanation as to why OU was removed from the county's "Preferred Provider" list.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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