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Stand-up comedy still standing

NORFOLK, Nebraska (KTIV) -- While residents in Norfolk are still cleaning up the mess... on the other side of town... they're laughing up a storm.

The Viaero Great American Comedy Festival could quite possibly be the best medicine for folks after the trying week they've had.

After a week of flooding no one needed a laugh like Norfolk, Nebraska... So Saturday night, the house was packed...all in the name of this.

The Viaero Great American Comedy Festival has for three years kept the stand-up comic tradition of the legendary Johnny Carson alive... even after his passing...

"This is are way of paying tribute to his legacy, honoring that and in a small way saying thank you for all he did," says Kent Warneke, Viaero Great American Comedy Festival Chairman.

In front of a very familiar set... up and coming comedians from all over the country are brought in to perform in the home town of Carson... They compete... For the prize of 5,000 dollars and a little publicity

"Even in the most depressing of circumstances its a great precept you know a great way to break way from all the rest of the stuff going on in the world and just enjoy yourself," says Warneke.

Big wigs like Larry Miller hit the crowd with humor too... You might remember him from pretty woman or ten things I hate about you

"It's very American to stand in front of a group of people and say here's what I noticed, here is what I think not really saying it angrily but saying this is my life and I want to communicate it to you," says professional comedian Larry Miller.

The comedy festival serves as an opportunity for comedians young and old to rekindle one of the oldest forms of expression laughter

"We look at the comedians that we have brought back in year one and year two now we are seeing them hosting their own thirty minute specials on Comedy Central, they are finalists in Last Comic Standing," says Warneke.

"The more folks who want to stand on a stage and make people laugh and describe their lives the more the merry," says Miller.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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