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Highway 20 gets one step closer to becoming a four-lane highway.

LYTTON, Iowa (KTIV) - It's been a dream of many for years, a completed four-lane Highway 20 across the state of Iowa.

Monday that dream took a step closer to reality.

Because of rain folks gathered indoors to mark the groundbreaking on a stretch of road between Sac City and Lytton.

City, State, and Federal leaders who've all had a hand in making this project possible talked about the need to finish the work and the impact it will have on all of Northwest Iowa.

Shirley Phillips, U.S. 20 Corridor Association President, said,"We know that counties' as far as Cherokee, Plymouth counties' even the Iowa Great Lakes are excited to have the highway 20 corridor completed it will make traveling so much easier and certainly be able to move our goods and services a lot better."

Representative Steve King, (R) Iowa, said, "As this ribbon of four way highway 20 has worked its way to the west we've seen the communities' thrive economically, and when you get to the end of the highway and you go down to a two lane ribbon instead of a four lane ribbon you don't see the economic development."

The section of road being four-laned from Sac City to Lytton should be completed in 2012.

Something new in the construction process, crews will use the MT-450.

It's a big piece of equipment to move earth.

The only one in the United States.

In three years the Iowa Department of Transportation hopes to have the road from Fort Dodge to Highway 71 (near Early) completely four-laned.

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