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Organizers prep for Saturday in the Park

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - The 20th Saturday in the Park kicks off Saturday at Grandview Park in Sioux City.

Organizers say they're almost ready to go for the free event.

They say a few more audio, video and production equipment will be put into place this evening and on Saturday, the bands will start bringing in their equipment.

Santana is headlining the event and organizers say they are expecting big crowds.

"Come up it's going to be warm tomorrow. Bring sunscreen and it's going to be crowded. We don't want to kid anybody, if people think they are going to lay out a blanket and have a lot of space. Earlier in the afternoon, the crowd is normally a little thinner but we think the crowd is going to build earlier and it's probably going to be pretty solid towards the end of the evening it's going to be pretty packed," said Dave Bernstein, Saturday in the Park Organizer.

Saturday in the Park begins at 12 p-m.

Organizers strongly recommend parking your car at the Tyson Events Center and taking the shuttle to Grandview Park.

The cost of the shuttle is $3 for the roundtrip.

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