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Doctor offers advice on how to beat bug bites


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- With the hot, muggy weather as of late, it seems we all have a few spots that itch.

The mosquitoes, gnats and everything else are out in full force this summer.

Here's a couple helpful hits for those of us with the bug bite blues.

No question the summer months rock, but bugs bite.

"We pull them off and burn them," says one camper.

"They don't care if you are wearing long pants or not they just come up and get you anyway," says another.

Every year Siouxlanders suffer, getting those pesky, itchy, red marks all over. Dr. Thomas Benzoni got a few, as well as some answers as to why those bugs bites bite back.

"What hurts is your own body's reaction to the spit that they put in you to keep your blood from clotting and that's what gives you these welts that gets you all itchy and keep you up all night," says Dr. Thomas Benzoni

But there's some help out there, usually right down the street at you local pharmacy.There you'll find Hydro-Cortisone to help with the itch and swelling and After Bite for instant relief, but for more severe cases.

"You can also take like a oral tablet like a Benedryl but that is something that you can take that is a oral tablet and that is going to have like a whole body effect," Lacey Haensel, Hy-Vee Pharmacist.

It's easy to prevent bug bites too, the standard off bug spray works great, it confuses bugs from your scent and there many other choices too.

One of the hottest products on the market right now is Absorbine Jr, Pharmacists say it's for joint pain but they also say if you unscrew the top and put a little under your neck it keeps the bugs away and you smell a little minty too.

"I'm not really sure how it does it but it does work and we have had a lot of people asking for it and it has been flying off the shelves," says Haensel.

So if you want to stick-it to the "summer sucker" try one of these methods, or of course you could...

"Stay inside become a hermit...nah," says Dr. Benzoni.

If you are concerned about diseases like West Nile, Dr. Benzoni says the average person's immune system should fight the infection with no problems.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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