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Modern Camping

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- More and more it seems when camping "just the basics" isn't just a pillow and sleeping bag.

Matter a fact back in Sioux City's "outback" it's hard to find anything but mobile homes.

At Scenic View park in South Sioux City, Nebraska thousands of campers come and stay each year, but more and more you see these and less and less you see those.

"It's just like a home a home away from home," says fifth wheel owner Carlene Moldin.

Life in a RV, fifth wheel or popup these days isn't so much camping, as it is life as usual. Just ask the Modlin's who have been traveling in their trailer each summer for the last four years.

"I mean if you are going to stay for five or six months... that's going to be getting a little bit old in a tent," says Kenneth Modlin fifth wheel owner.

As far as extras go, they have got a little bit of everything inside, from a kitchen to a bedroom, tv to air conditioning.

"It has just about everything I could want even my washer and dryer." says Carlene.

And they aren't alone.

Every one of these camper lots comes complete with some basic amenities like a power source filtered water and yes even cable.

"You're not roughing it then," says tent camper Kevin Hoops.

There still are some die hard's out there though, people like Kevin Hoops and his family. The only electric device in their camp? A hand held radio.

"History tells it all I mean that is how people started I mean yeah they didn't have tents like we got now but they roughed it they slept out in the open where ever they were going, I mean that was it," says Hoops.

For Hoops camping is a much more organic experience, being outdoors for him is being indoors for most.

"It's the sound of nature, hearing the birds maybe seeing a deer or maybe a wild turkey, you know just to see nature it's self, I mean their is nothing better than that," says Hoops.

But hey RV or not, roughing it or just "kicking it", it's camper's choice each and every summer. So if you would rather "log-on" than simply cut yours, so be it.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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