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Sioux City's Rose Garden is in full bloom

Sioux City, IA (KTIV) - Sioux City has many great parks and one that stands out is the Rose Garden at Grandview Park.

"Newel Gernsey was a guy that was the landscape architect at the time. But it's been changed since. It's all been redone six seven years ago," said Kyle Smith, Head Gardener Sioux City.

"There's probably 500 roses down here. There are probably 50 different varieties of roses. From Knock-out Roses to Tea Roses to Floribundas to Grandifloras. Some that get a little taller than other ones and we try to stay away from shrub roses, we try to stay more with the Tea Roses, said Smith."

"A lot of maintenance to roses. There's four gals that do a lot of the work, and three guys that do all of the mowing down here and then we have another guy who does the pond maintenance, a lot of the ground maintenance in between and around the roses, keeping the surfaces clean, said Smith."

"They like it hot. They don't mind the moisture. Really no overhead watering, it's best if you have a soaker system in them, said Smith."

"We try to keep these surviving but we also try to get different varieties every year so we have a lot of different color, said Smith."

"People that do see them say they look great and they just love being down here. It's kind of a nice quiet place, said Smith."

Smith says during the fall and winter they place straw on top of the roses to insulate them away from the cold.

He says since we had so much snow this last winter, the roses were insulated very well and many of them survived.

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