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Future of farming in Spencer, Iowa

SPENCER, Iowa (KTIV) -- The future of farming is here sooner than you think. Each year ag festivals like this one bring in new machines, new services, and new methods to get the job done.

"It just explodes every year," says Maynard Patten

"Air-conditioned cabs, stereos, they don't know how lucky they have it," says George Simon

Big or small they have got them all.

"And yeah while the big machines are the coolest to check out... its the small technology that's really making the biggest difference," says Forrest.

One of the smallest devices, the Raven GPS unit for tractors. It not only navigates the machine automatically up and down fields, but it allows the user take and send virtual invoices... meaning no more paperwork or returning to the office for ag sprayers.

"When it's all covered he hits finish and it sends it back to the office. It will invoice it out for him and then they can send him the next map on where he needs to go," says Deric Denhartog, Brokaw Supply Company.

Fully equipped it comes at a hefty $9,000 dollar price tag.

But what good is a auto-drive tractor if it isn't accurate?

Like using a fish finder, the Trimble correction unit makes your auto-drive system accurate to within one inch of a planting spot.

"You're coming back to plant you're coming back to spray you're making multiple passes across the field this way you can utilize the same track," says Dana Timms, RTK of Iowa.

One of the more popular items, isn't a item at all, it's a new online web service called Grower's Edge, designed to give farmers all the information they need.

"Market data, weather, which farmers can get almost anywhere, but what we do is provide all of these resources in a single go to place for farmers and its free," says Craig Mouchka, Growers Edge.

The service even eliminates all those phone calls farmers need to make to find what local bushel prices are.

"We'll show them the best opportunity to sell grain on any given day within in a 200 mile radius of their operation,' says Mouchka.

And there's always more and better tech on the way, as time continues to yield a fresh crop of ideas.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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