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Northwest Iowa family finds out pet "Do's and Dont's"

The Iowa Department of Public health wants you to add something to your list of "what not to do."

Don't keep a skunk as a family pet.

They say a Northwest Iowa family found that out the hard way.

The health department says the family found a baby skunk and brought it into their home to raise as a pet.

When the skunk became sick several weeks later and after a vet was called they learned it had rabies.

Medical Director, Dr. Patricia Quinlisk calls it a classic example of a good-hearted person trying to help a wild creature.

All five family members are receiving Rabies vaccine, 20 other family members and friends who came in contact with the skunk are being assessed for exposure to rabies, and at least 6 others are receiving rabies shots.

The unvaccinated family dog will have to be put into quarantine for six months, or euthanized.

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