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A few "Boji" businesses get boost from storm


OKOBOJI, Iowa (KTIV) -- Despite all that damage though, from that gray cloud of destruction comes a little silver lining.

It looks a bit like a grave yard at blue water hoists, but with that metal mess from the lake comes a chance to help repair people's summer.

"An area of forty hoists that are across in our storage that need to be either replaced or repaired," says Chad Miner, Blue Water Hoists.

With many insurance companies footing the bill, places like blue water are now putting lifts together as fast as possible, trying to meet the new demand and get peoples hoists back where they belong.

"There is a wide range of repairs that need to be done some just need top frames, an average repair would be $2,500," says Miner.

But hoist companies aren't the only ones getting a lift from the storm.

"Over at Parks Marina insurance money is being used to pay for many boat repairs and in some cases boat replacement," says Forrest.

"This is kind of a sad way for it to happen but this could be a real shot in the arm for the local economy," says Parks.

Owner Butch Parks says he's got a where house full of boats that need repairs, scrapes, nicks, or holes. He's also got a showroom full of boats and he hopes to sell them.

"I remember my first year in business back in 1984 we had a storm I had three boats and I sold all of them," says Parks.

But the biggest issue now is time, as each day passes their are less days of summer left and fewer people on the water.

"Some of these boats won't get repaired for six or eight months because their isn't enough repair people or enough time," says Parks.

So time may be short but with the help of at least a few businesses, summer may be able to be repaired.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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