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Flooding in towns of Akron and Hawarden, IA


HAWARDEN, Iowa (KTIV) -- More rain, means people living along local rivers and streams are keeping careful watch.

The Big Sioux River at Akron, Iowa is above flood stage and has been all weekend.

While there hasn't been any damage to buildings, the Plymouth County Emergency Manager says there is quite a bit of farmland flooding around the river.

Some water is flowing over Highway 48, on the South Dakota side, but the road is open. However some rural roads are under water nearby.

Officials say the river appears to be steady, but are concerned if more heavy rain should fall.

A little farther north in Hawarden, Iowa, crop flooding is a concern. City officials say the nearby Big Sioux river is five feet out of its banks and seems to be staying there.

The town says the ground is so saturated, digging only a few inches brings water to the surface.

Officials say more flooding is a possibility, but right now it's wait and see.

"You know at the rate that rain continues to come it's really hard to tell we're hoping that we get some normal August weather, I think the crops need it and I think the residents do as well," says Hawarden City Administrator Gary Tucker.

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