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Workers for a local company collect supplies for troops

SIOUX CITY, Iowa. (KTIV)---Thousands of Iowa soldiers are on their way to Afghanistan, in the largest call-up since World War 2.

Employees of a local company decided they wanted to do what they could to make that year overseas a little more comfortable.

Workers at Vizio spent the month of July collecting close to 2-thousand dollars worth of supplies for the soldiers, and dropped off the care packages today.

Those include food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies.

Many Vizio employees know someone whose being called up, which is why they wanted to say "thank you."

Jens Bower of Vizier says, "Nowadays you can find the person standing next to you, the person five feet away from you, is going to have be affected somewhat with what's going on or know somebody whose going overseas or about to go overseas."

The organization, "Support Siouxland Soldiers" helped with the drive.

Organizers are hoping to send care packages to about 400 soldiers from our area.

They say, having familiar items around can make the deployment more bearable.

Sarah Petersen of Support Siouxland Soldiers says, "We want them to have a little taste of home, whether it's some beef jerky or their favorite snack or just things that they need while they're over there. So it just lets them know we're here, thinking about them."

Support Siouxland Soldiers needs your help with postage to get the packages to the troops.

You can do that by purchasing a t-shirt for 20-dollars.

We've built a link to their website, on our website, KTIV-dot-com.

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