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Neighbor recalls discovery of baby's body in South Sioux City home


SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KTIV) - A neighbor knew something was wrong inside a South Sioux City, Nebraska home, Tuesday night, when she heard a woman screaming about her baby. That baby died. The baby's parents are now charged.

"I just heard a women yelling help me, help me My baby my baby," says McBride.

Those were the words neighbor Angel McBride heard the day South Sioux Police say a two month old died.

"I was going to call the police station but the gal came out from the business over here and said I already called and with in seconds cops lined up everywhere and a rescue squad," says McBride.

Police arrived at this home on "B" street about 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. Inside they found the body of two month old Abrieana Rene Mace lying on a recliner. Officials say her death may be caused by a lack of oxygen, but also say there's no sign of strangulation.

"Of course the death is suspicious, so a autopsy was conducted. We are still waiting on the results of that," says South Sioux City Police Chief Scot Ford.

Nicole Ramirez and Lorenzo Guzman, identified as the child's mother and father, both live at the home. Chief Ford says they told police Abrieana had been in the chair since five that morning and hadn't been checked on since noon. Police say those comments and the general disorder of the home led them to a child abuse charges against the two.

"I think it dealt with the circumstances of the death the officers on the scene certainly felt their was enough indication there that charges should be filed," says Chief Ford.

Two other children were in the home at the time, ages one and three. Ford says they're now in the custody of the state. A once full house, now sits empty.

"It's hard with the baby you know it chokes you up a little bit and you just don't know what goes on behind closed doors," says McBride.

Chief Ford tells us it may take a bit of time before specifics are given on the child abuse charge, but he says abuse can cover anything from neglect to physical assault.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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