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City looks at animal incidents on case by case basis


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Sioux City Animal Control decides whether an animal is vicious or high risk after a reported incident.

City Attorney Andrew Mai says, every animal goes through a similar process.

Animal control, along with the police department, conduct an investigation to decide whether to cite the animal's owner, deeming it either high risk or vicious.

The owner can appeal the citation and appear before a judge, who decides the dog's fate.

Title seven of the municipal code outlines what determines an animal high risk or vicious.

"It isn't real simple. I mean you have to look at the specifics of every fact and situation to determine whether a dog is vicious or if it fits into the high risk category," Mai said.

Mai says the big difference between high risk and vicious animals, is whether the animal actually caused harm to an individual.

"High risk" animals chase, attack, or have been trained to guard or fight. "Vicious" animals bite or harm, causing bleeding or noticeable documented injury to an individual.

There are various factors used to determine if an animal fits the definitions. Those include whether the animal was provoked or if it was protecting itself, its owner, or its owner's property. Each is determined on a case by case basis.

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