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NBC's fall season kicks off in two weeks with "The Event"

NBC's new fall season starts two weeks from tonight.

Along with "Chuck" and the new series "Chase", NBC will debut another new Monday night drama: "The Event".

It's a series billed as a hybrid of "Lost" and "24" and its plot is shrouded in mystery.

The promos have been teasing viewers all summer, and the show's cast is in almost the same boat as viewers.

"We don't know what "The Event" is. We're in the dark," says star Jason Ritter.

Ritter plays Sean Walker, a computer programmer sucked into a government conspiracy that has personal and global implications.

Details about those circumstances are tightly guarded, as is background information on characters.

On some series information is held back because show creators are frankly still figuring it out themselves, but cast members are confident that's not the case here.

"Our producers and creators have plotted this out, and they know," says Blair Underwood, who plays the President. "It's really nice on a show like this to know that somebody's driving the bus."

One of the executive producers of "The Event" is Evan Katz, who was one of the main show-runners on "24".

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