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NBC's hit family dra-medy returns...with a Baldwin!

NBC's new fall season officially starts next Monday, but it's getting a bit of a jump start this week.

"Parenthood" returns for season two Tuesday night following the performance

finale of "America's Got Talent".

The family comedy's seeing one significant cast addition for at least the first

part of the season.

Season two is throwing a Baldwin brother into the mix.


Billy Baldwin comes on board as boss to Peter Krause's character, Adam.

"I think some people might perceive him as being a bit of a boob," Baldwin admits.

Part of that's because he makes the questionable move of hiring Adam's sister, Sarah, played by Lauren Graham.

"He knows it's a bad idea, but it's something about her that he's responding to her energy, her ideas, she's not like all the other girls," explains Baldwin.

That hint of romance is another one of the potential changes for the struggling single mom.

Baldwin suspects his chance to join the fun was no accident.

"Peter Krause was behind this in some way, shape or form. I don't have DNA evidence on this yet, but if you were, I owe you a big squeeze and smooch!" he laughs.

A major reason Baldwin suspects Krause had a hand in getting him on the show is that the two co-starred in a short lived ABC series several seasons back called "Dirty Sexy Money".

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