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DNR "disappointed" with no booze ban


MILFORD, Iowa (KTIV) -- Last week the Iowa Natural Resources Commission said no to a booze ban in the Iowa Great Lakes.

A relief to many in the lakes region, but some have a different opinion.

The local Iowa Great Lakes DNR says they are disappointed that the booze ban didn't go through.

And that's mostly because each fourth of July they're outnumbered.

Gull Point State Park was empty Monday, but the local DNR says every fourth, they see over one-thousand college aged kids cramming into campsites and on beaches.

The DNR says young people turn the family atmosphere into a adults-only zone, saying they see indecent exposure, public intoxication, loads of littering, and underage drinking.

It's a problem they say is hard to fix with a small staff.

"Parks wise we have three full time guys and we have 26 places we take care of here in the lakes area, so we are the plumber, the electrician, and law enforcement. So not only do we have the Gull Point Beach, but we have thousands of campers," says Park Technician Heath Graver.

The Governor-appointed Iowa Natural Resources Commission, voted four to three in opposition of the ban.

It would have stopped any drinking on beaches in Dickinson County.

The commission says in their majority opinion, the ban was targeting a specific age group, infringing on their civil liberties.

Officials say they don't expect to vote on the issue again any time soon.

"This is the second time the proposed ban has been voted down so I think it is dead for at least a while," says Iowa Natural Resources Commission Chair Greg Drees.

The Iowa DNR says they're going to continue to rely on their added officer workforce in the summer months to keep beaches as safe as possible.

A few park neighbors have voiced their concerns about the drinkers in the past, but some that we talked with today said it's just young people being young people.

They say they didn't want the ban either.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders


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