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Floodwaters overtake footing for future I-29 overpass

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Heavy rains are causing havoc across parts of Siouxland. Here in Sioux City, folks driving along Interstate 29 are taking a second look at a piece of the reconstruction project... but officials say there's nothing to worry about.

High waters have overtaken a footing, for a future retaining wall. The Iowa Department of Transportation is working to widen the road from four lanes to six -- from Singing Hills Boulevard to the South Dakota border.

Because of this, no one is driving along this section of road. The D-O-T is assessing the situation... and how it will impact the overall project. "We're working on ways to get the water out of that area, so that way we can continue with construction," says Dean Herbst of the Iowa DOT.

Dean Herbst with the D-O-T says crews are working to install a dike to keep more water out.

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