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Siouxland stores prep for Black Friday


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Shoppers are preparing for battle in just over a week. Right after Thanksgiving, it's Black Friday, a day leaving hundreds of shoppers crowded in front of department stores, waiting to get their hands on hot items at cheap prices.

But just how do those stores plan to deal with all those shoppers?

It's a battle every year, shopper pitted against department store. An annual skirmish of thousands and a potential safety concern for stores, it's Black Friday.

The shopping battle rages every Black Friday, but this year department stores are ready for shoppers with safety precautions and a little bit of fun.

Sioux City Target Manager Gary Frafjord says he's seen it all on Black Friday, from people wearing costumes to...

"I seen people have a limousine drop them off at right at the door," says Frafjord.

Target is one of many department stores opening up earlier this year, 4 AM. They expect more than 10,000 customers through out the day. To keep control they'll be handing out maps to specialty items and...

"We'll only open up one set of doors so we can control the flow of traffic into the store. Black Friday takes a lot of preparation because it is the biggest day of the year, " says Frafjord.

At Best Buy this year, doors swing open at 5, but before then employees will be handing out vouchers to shoppers one for each item like a ipod or video game.

"We know it's a chaotic day and we don't want people rushing through the doors and running around grabbing stuff we want to keep it organized and easy for people to find stuff as possible," says Juli Moller, Best Buy Customer Solutions Manager.

Old Navy doing something new this year, opening on Thanksgiving day.

"So were going to do some of our Black Friday deals early. We tested it in some other stores across the country and had some really great turn out," Old Navy Manager Breanne Taylor.

They'll open again Friday at midnight for the main event, and keep a tally on how many customers enter and exit the store.

"We know what our maximum capacity is and if we hit that we'll wait and hold the line until some people are finished shopping. We want to keep everybody safe and get them in and out," says Taylor.

Shoppers still have days to create routes, and make battle plans. As department stores are battening down the hatches making sure it will be a profitable and safe Black Friday.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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