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Durham: 200,000 jobs "a stretch goal" for new administration


URBANDALE, Iowa (KTIV) -- Iowa Governor-elect Terry Branstad has picked Sioux City's Debi Durham to head Iowa's Department of Economic Developments.

It's a position that'll place her at the front of the Governor-elects campaign pledge to bring 200-thousand new jobs to Iowa.

It's not going to be easy, and that's something Durham knows even before starting her new job.

To reach Branstad's goal of creating 200-thousand jobs in the next four years, it would mean Iowa needs to add 50-thousand new jobs a year, 41-hundred new jobs a month, one-thousand jobs a week, or perhaps the most shocking is almost 150 new jobs each day.

It's asking for a lot and, Durham knows it's a bit of a "stretch."

"I think that it is a stretch goal but we will go to work every single day knowing that is the goal before us," says Durham.

Durham says she, and the economic development department, can make a big dent though... through partnerships.

She says she'll create new bridges to universities, manufacturers, small businesses, and the Iowa Legislature. But she says "the most growth comes from within" and saving jobs is her biggest concern.

"Debi Durham can't create 200-thousand jobs but Debi Durham working in partnership with all of those I outlined today, if all those things are achieved then I think we will make headway in meeting that goal," says Durham.

The Siouxland Chamber says Durham, who is their president right now, will work until mid-Janurary.

That's around the time she's expected to have been approved by the Iowa Senate, and officially appointed to the position.

Durham says she won't be leaving Sioux City entirely.

She'll be working in Des Moines on the weekdays and come back to her home and family in Sioux City on Weekends.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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