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Farmers could be charged with a felony if they try to sell damaged grain


Sioux Center, IOWA (KTIV) - This fall's wet weather submerged grain along creeks and rivers and the FDA is concerned contaminated grain may enter the nation's food supply.

That's why farmers who sell their contaminated grain could face felony charges and grain elevators who knowingly accept that grain can be charged as an accessory to the crime.

This has left elevators on high alert to continue to watch out for damaged grain people may be trying to bring in.

John Hansen, FCS Grain Manager says, "If it looks like it's damaged, discolored, it could have a distinct odor, so we can...we can't be 100-percent sure but if we see any time tales of that type of product in there we can ask the farmer where it came from."

The city of Sioux Falls was allowed to dump raw sewage into the Big Sioux River this year, which is why grain that has been under water could enter the food supply.

Hansen says farmers were supposed to destroy their damaged crop and not even harvest it.

John Hansen, FCS Grain Manager says, "We've turned down from one of our large customers 20-30,000 bushels of grain because it was flooded and we said we cannot because it's FDA regulations."

Farmers who may be concerned their grain is contaminated are supposed to send it to an FDA approved laboratory for testing before they try to sell that grain.

Online Reporter: Tia Heidebrecht

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